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Primer and painting of the interior of the car


Now has come the time to put some more paint on the car. The original color of the interior is in a different color than the outside. The issue here, is that there are no color charts telling witch colors there is to choose from. The most evident is that the factory used RAL color codes. These are standard colors, no matter if you choose acryllic, water based, epoxy or any ting else, the colors are the same.

The closest I could find for this car is the color RAL 5008 witch is a dark blue grey nuance. Before putting any color on the body, some primer needs to be applied. I use a epoxy based primer with exellent adhesion to bare metal. 20170527 14223920170528 171322T20170528 171353h20170528 171408is have multiple purposes such as protection against corrosion, to fill small blemishes and marks after sanding and at least, to give the final cote a nice base to adhere to. For getting the best finish I sanded the primer surface with some 400 sandpaper.

The last thing to do before the final cote, is to make sure there is no dust. I vacuum the area and then use a tackrag to wipe of the smallest dust particles.