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Repainting the 1970 Opel Admiral B

This Opel Admiral is almost as original as one can find them here in Denmark. The car is 99,9% rust free and very well preserved. During the summer the owner use it as a daily driver.20170914 160334

This Opel have been repainted once many years ago, and now its time for a new paint job. This time the end result should be even better than the previous.

This time all the trim, chrome parts and front and back windows are also comming off.
Since we are living in Denmark and we have coastal climate, things rust. I have found a few spots that need some attention but these are absolutely minimal compared to other cases.20200316 17325020200321 16125520200309 17125520200309 171322







The rear bumper and door handles will be rechromed and the seats will get some new cloth sown into the original vinyl. We are keeping the original vinyl since it is in exellent condition.
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This car should be back on the roads within 3 to 4 weeks time. I will post pictures of the car when its back from the painter and when we start to put things together again. By the way, the car will be painted in this same shade of blue since it is the original colour of the car.