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1949 Packard Super Deluxe

This Packard have been in a more or less dormant state for approximatly 15 years here in Denmark. We got it to the workshop in order to wake it up again. So a change of oil and coolant and a new set of braker points and spark plugs, made it possible to start it again.

20190113 115113After a little charge on the battery and a squirt of gasoline in the carburetor, and the engine started right away! There was a bit of noise from the valve lifters, but that disapeared after a few minutes. Everything is just working fine and smooth. Thats a tribute tu the quality of these cars.

A few days later we were told that the car was sheduled to participate in a segment in a TV documentary, so we had to make the car ready for shooting. Here is the result of the washing and polishing.

The first official drive of the car for 15 years was a round trip of 50km to the film location and back, and everyting went perfect. The only thing that will be needed will be a new set of tires. Round tires does have a tendency to give a better ride comfort...

20190113 115126

20190113 11513620190113 115149