The car restoration blog

Hi, my name is Johan Ricard and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I enjoy life with a couple of hobbies that keep me occupied in my free time. I enjoy very much antique and classic automobiles and I have currently two Opel´s. The first one is an Opel Admiral B from 1972 and the other one is an Opel Rekord Caravan 1700 from 1962. Here in Denmark the Rekord was a very common automobile in the 60´s, where the Admiral where seldom seen even in its time of glory.

I´m also an enthusiastic radio controlled model airplane builder, thou I haven’t done any building for some years now, because I live on the third floor in a small apartment with only two rooms. My interest in model airplanes came with the fascination of the beautiful planes from the 30, 40 and 50´s. I like to build them from wood, as a kit or from scratch.

The wood building cough my attention when the talk came about guitars, since I have started learning to play the classic guitar, and building my own guitar has become a dream of mine.