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Some of the paint job is done

 Well, now the car body has got its final color, and now it's the doors and hoods that are next. The most correct way to paint a car is to paint all the parts one go. This is sadly not possible in my workshop, so I have to make it in iterations.



One could argue that a specialist should do the paint job, and that would be a very good solution in most cases. On the other side, I save a lot of money by doing it myself and I like the challenge of doing it myself. The other advantage is that I have control over how the details are painted and also how the masking is done.

This paint job is done with 2 layers of some random left over color on the roof. blue_carThat is done only because the roof will be covered with viny later in the build, and therefore the surface needed some kind of protection and some material for the glue to edhere to. 

blue_carThe rest of the body surface was sprayed with a 2 component priming filler that was sanded down to a smooth surface with a dry 400 grit sandpaper. After a thorough checkup and cleaning with compressed air, silicone remover and at last a tackrag, two cotes of the base color where spayed on. I checked the car again to make sure there where no spots with not enough blue on. One have to be 100% sure the hole car has an even cote all over, because it cannot be corrected later on. At last i apply 3 cotes of clear with approximately 20 minutes between each cotes. When the paint is fully cured, I'll sand the surface with wet sandpaper with a grit of no less than 2000 first and then with 2500, and then i pollish to get a mirror like finish.