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The funky 70´s

In 1971 car number 10.000.000 rolled of the assembly line (a Opel Rekord Caravan) and in Germany Opel had a market share of whopping 20.4%, times where good. In 1969 and 1970 are the top three models, Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat updated to the B series and stayed in production until 1977.

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The Happy 60´s

The vast improvement in the economy in the 60´s gave a boost in the European car industry and Opel build a new plant in Bochum, in 1968 a component factory in Kaiserslautern and a test center in Dudenhofen. In 1961 came the stylish Opel Rekord Coupé with options like "sleeper" seats, reverse lights and two-tone horn. This model was only manufactured for two years and 33.000 were sold. In 1962 in the new Bochum plant, the new Opel Kadett was made and it immediately became a big success. Already in 1966, the one millionth Kadett left the factory in Bochum. 1963 was the best production year for Opel with 550.000 units made.

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The assembly line in 1924 and cheaper automobiles

In 1924 Opel where the first German auto manufacturer to introduce the assembly line. This reduced the prices about 50% and in 1928 the production reached 43.000 units in one year. The first model produced on the assembly line was the Opel 4/12 PS witch could because of the new production techniques, be sold at a price of 1.900 Mark in 1926 instead of a price of 4.500 Mark. This model could only be delivered in green, witch gave it the nickname

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Peace again

In 1948 GM regained control with Opel again. In 1950 the factory was completely rebuild and the production was quickly up to 100.000 units pr. Year. In 1951 a new test track was ready for use in Rüsselheim and in 1956 the new 286.000 square meters car body factory K40 was ready for production. The production assembly lines where 28 kilometers long. A large amount of

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Car production from 1898 to 1921

The bicycle success gave a good connection with Frederich Lutzmann, whom also was a professional locksmith. He had in 1893 bought a Benz Victoria and made some alterations with some of his own inventions and improvements. Opel succeeded to persuade Lutzmann to move his production from Dessau to Rüsselheim,

whom in Opel REGIS developed in 1898 the Opel-Patent-Motorwagen, System Lutzmann. opel patent

The following year 1899 the public could buy the first motorcar by Opel with the System Lutzmann. Eleven cars where sold.

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