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DKW 1938 restoration Part 2


The work is moving on with the DKW, and the majority of the external body panels for the rear are done.

Now is the time to build the bottom of the trunk. Since this is a car with a rare body type, we haven't been able to find any documentation about how the panels are suppose to look.

1938 dkw 281938 dkw 30

We don't even know if there even was a metal floor in the trunk or if it was made of wood.
So I have agreed with the owner to build it of sheet metal, and for the layout of the pressings in the metal, I've got "carte blanche". Otherwise, the work is in good progress and all the wooden parts that needed to be changed, have been reproduced in ash and the floor plate is made of plywood.

1938 dkw 361938 dkw 37In order to weld the last parts in the wheel wells, I'll have to wait for the body to be mounted on the frame. The reason for that, is that the wells are structural important, and I want the body perfectly alligned before welding all into place.


1938 dkw 221938 dkw 21We have to remember that the body of this car is made of a wooden frame covered with sheet metal, but the wooden frame does not extend past the rear axle. The rear of the car is stiffend with thick metal pieces that are bolted on the inside.



A few days later the frame arrived and we managed to put the body on the frame and 1938 dkw 35allign everything correctly.


The floor is now alligned with the wooden structure, and the wooden parts with body where then alligned with the frame. I have now welded the right wheel arch, and as I anticipated, this was a bit difficult to place correctly. I have to remember that this car is probably mostly hand built, and this makes it a bit asymetrical in some places. When I measure at different places I see differences of about 3/4 of an Iinch. This, in an odd way, gives me a bit more freedom to work with, so to speak.

1938 dkw 341938 dkw 33

 1938 dkw 38