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What is the purpose of this blog?

Since I´m enjoying life with the hobby of restoring classic cars, I would like to share some of my experiences and to be to some help to people that want to get started with restoration of antique/classic automobiles.

I am for the moment restoring a 1969 OPEL DIPLOMAT B for a friend of mine, and I will be writing about the project on this blog.

On a side track I´m also helping my brother in law with his Volvo amazon. Other automobiles that will come in the future are a 1941 Packard and maybe a 1938 Cadillac V16 and a 1939 Packard V12

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Repainting the 1970 Opel Admiral B

This Opel Admiral is almost as original as one can find them here in Denmark. The car is 99,9% rust free and very well preserved. During the summer the owner use it as a daily driver.20170914 160334

This Opel have been repainted once many years ago, and now its time for a new paint job. This time the end result should be even better than the previous.

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1949 Packard Super Deluxe

This Packard have been in a more or less dormant state for approximatly 15 years here in Denmark. We got it to the workshop in order to wake it up again. So a change of oil and coolant and a new set of braker points and spark plugs, made it possible to start it again.

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New tool arrival to the workshop

20180430 113132

At last I got a English Wheel for the workshop and for a reasonable price. Yes, it's made in China, but I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and sturdiness of this wheel. It is delivered on a pallet and with a total weight of 100Kg, so its quite heavy to move around.

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VW Transporter T3 Crew Cab Synchro


The VW Transporter T3 Synchro is now completed. It has been repaired with both original and aftermarket parts, and the difference in quality and fit is significant, but one doesn´t always have the choice. Anyway, the result is very satisfying and the customer is very happy with the result.

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VW Transporter T3 Crew Cab Synchro

A brief history. The collaboration of VW with Puch AG. Puch AG was a Austrian company that made bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and automobiles as their main product. They did also have 4WD/allWD division that was known for their good quality and ingenuity. They build all of the synchro applications for VW and several other car and truck manufacturers in Europe. This VW Transporter Synchro is one of them. These vehicles were not common when new, and of course even harder to find today. They were produced in the period of 1979 to 1992.

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Final work

At last the 1938 DKW cabricoach is done. The owner have now collected it and is very happy with the result.

So, to summarize, both wheel arches, one corner in front window frame, patches in wheel arches, rear end, complete new floor pan in boot, dors, B pillar lower part, C pillars lower part, A pillar right side bottom, floor over rear axle and rear panel between rear window and boot lid, where made from scrach. Not new sheet metal parts are avaiable for this car, so all was handbuild.

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